MEMBERS - soundbond

Amon Chiba  [Sound Builder]

 Since his university days, he has always researched the relationship between space and music. From a young age, Amon has worked as a track maker and DJ, as well as being the Sound technician for one of Tokyo’s biggest clubs - Contact. Being Contact’s main sound technician, allowed him to support many notable international and local artists, giving him a more global outreach and understanding. Most recently, Amon worked as a sound designer at Sound Couture, working on numerous big projects for hotels, commercial spaces and exhibits. Fall this year he became independent and established SOUND BOND.

June Chiba  [Director and the one with the Ideas!]

 Growing up in Tokyo as a DJ “Ganco”, June is always trying to discover new scenes and genres, to add to her huge knowledge of what’s out there and what makes a space interesting. You’ll often find her bopping about in the snazziest of clothes and her adorable daughter.